Friday, November 9, 2012

The benefit of Carbide tips

Carbide is precisely a hard material used for machining and tipping cutting tools. It is an extremely durable material for saw blades, drill bits, routers and lathe bits. And if you are seriously looking for some metal or wood working, then carbide tips will come in handy. The carbide tipped tools are long lasting and increases the life of the tool with its extreme durability.

We at Rishet tools, offer you the best carbide tips for your cutting tools. We deal in variety of hand tools, metalworking tools and other industrial tools and our partnerships with the renowned manufacturers and wholesalers makes us the leaders in the domestic as well as the international market. We stand by our name and always strive to gain trust of our consumers by providing them the best tools brazed with carbide.

Carbide tipped tools are heat resistant and the most used is the tungsten carbide for cutting tools. C-2 Micrograin carbide tips are precisely used for cutting cast iron materials whereas C-5 tips are used for cutting steel tools. They are extremely durable and do not wear away with time. And we ensure that you get the best quality carbide tool that is long lasting and does not tamper with the quality of the steel or the other material used.

Often the tool tipped with carbide becomes dull and since they are extremely hard, so to maintain its strength a certain type of diamond coated abrasive is used. Carbide tools are expensive but because of its strength, sharpness and ultimate benefits, they are chosen widely over steel tips. Our online store offers you a variety of tools and you can choose as per your likings. From carbide inserts, index-able tooling to drills and reamers, we have it all. You name it and we promise not to let you down. With our strong position in the market, we have gained popularity all over the world. Quality is our middle name. So, why go anywhere when you can hit the right portal in the comforts of your home. Visit us and avail the cost effective offer of buying carbide tips in the best way ever.