Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who we are and what we do

This is my first post on RISHET TOOLS blog! For starts, I'll talk a little about what RISHET TOOLS is all about.

RISHET TOOLS is based in the Fort Lauderdale region of South Florida in the United States.

We are a trading company and primarily supply metalworking tools, hand tools, and other industrial tools & supplies to the US domestic as well as International market. In the metalworking field, we've positioned ourselves well to supply carbide inserts to the domestic and international markets at the most competitive prices in the industry.

We have partnered with the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of industrial and safety products in the USA. Through our partnership, we have access to thousands of industrial products from over 500 reputed brands at competitive rates, which enables us to pass on the savings to our customers. In today's world where industrial needs change dynamically, and corporations are working smarter to manage inventory more efficiently, we believe RISHET TOOLS would serve as an excellent complement to our customers. We would serve as an extension to your supply chain, to get you the tools you need in the most cost-effective manner, when and where you need them.

RISHET TOOLS is a prominent exporter of industrial products and thus whether you are based in the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa or another corner of the world, we will deliver to your doorstep the products you need.

To learn more about us and our products and services, please visit